Sunday, July 01, 2012

Today's "Comedy Vegetable"

... it's 1830hrs - and I'm having a fag break betwixt cooking tea - for all you gourmets out there - it's roast duck with plum sauce, broccoli and roasted root veg - ducks in t'oven, plum sauce is reducing nicely and the veg go in after this short "blog break" !!).

And it's the root veg that gets today's award - on opening the packet of Tesco "Everyday Value" parsnips I came across one which made me think of something music based - what do you think ???

Roger Dean artwork meets parsnip - SNAP !

Tonight - I guess it's "Forza Italia" - at least England can then say they were "beaten" by the winners ...

(PS - new RM contract DID come through on Saturday - yep, another 3 months !!!)

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