Monday, July 16, 2012

Blogging on the Move

Just downloaded Blogger for Android - damn sight simpler ...

HOME NOW TO EDIT - when I said simpler I meant simpler than trying to use full-blown Blogger on a moby !  Still need to check out fonts etc photo uploads etc ... but give me time - we're on hols next week (another walking holiday - this time Northumberland Coastal Path) so I'll try to get up to speed "'afore we go".

Meanwhile ... in football world the Evo-Stik fixtures came out today at noon - but I can't stop just yet - I've got some DIY to do first before heading off to Curzon Ashton for their PSF against Hyde FC ("Two Tame Sides" in one blow !!). If I'm efficient at said DIY (unlike some of those cowboys out there that you have to pay !!), I'll be back with links etc ...

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