Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mossley Quiz Night - Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory !

Tonight was Mossley Quiz Night up at the Football Club - and a very good turn-out as well with about 9 teams going for it. Mr and Mrs Smiffy joined up with Andy and Lynn - and in true "Mossley football style" we brought in our eldest "on loan" for the night (she was back from Derby Uni to go to a Media Recruitment Fair at Manchester G-Mex today). Also in true "Mossley football style", we named our team "Relegation Fodder".

There were a ton of questions, and the first couple of rounds of 25 were quite tight (me being the immortal competitor in "quizland" my eyes were on SJNR's team who were sat at the back - and aptly named "The Team at the Back",or something close to that). That was a mistake ......

A mixed bunch of questions - with a heavy sporting bent however (might struggle to get the missus up there again !), and round 4 was the bugger (Which Celebrity duo has a dog called Toby ? Where is Odense ? Where is the Ashdown Forest ? Opposite of Anode ? - to name but a few)

All papers in in - 'Commercial Steve' called across to verify results - to find that we - yes we - had won the quiz !!! Took the money (£26 to be exact), took the applause - but wasn't convinced. After the furore (!!) had died down, I went to have a quick check of the Quizmeister's "sheet" - to find some major arithmetical errors which put us equal 2nd and the team who "came 2nd" winning by two points - ironically it was 'Commercial Steve's' team ("Norfolk & Chance" !).

Mentioned this to Quizmeister who said that "Norfolk & Chance" had donated their 2nd prize money (£13) back into the pot for the next quiz (15th March if you fancy it - cus there will be Jackpot type stuff) - so we did same with our £26 - leaving a nice little Jackpot pool for the next quiz.

All in all a good night out - it's often tricky to gauge how many will turn up to events up at Mossley - and the fans often get called for not turning up to stuff (the thought that certain nights are unavailable to some or the idea of a "Race Night" can leave some - me included - totally uninterested seem to go by the board).

Let's put this one down as a success - and it's going to be a monthly event from now on - so if you;re in the vicinity - 15th March with a 8pm kick-off. Thanks to all for a good night out.

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