Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mossley v Wakefield

... after the 3-2 defeat a couple of weeks ago (as in 3-0 in under half-an-hour !) it was sweet revenge for Mossley who rarely looked troubled after the first 20 minutes ... Wakefield seem to have a cracking "dead ball game" with corners coming in under the bar and good movement from free-kicks. However once Mike Oates found space to slot the ball past Jan Zolna there was only going to be one winner on a wet and windy evening up at Seel Park. Two goals from Matty Kay in the second half wrapped it up nicely and helped to keep Mossley in the top half of the table ... pictures from the game at

Mossley 3 Wakefield 0

Work-wise ... the weather IS improving slowly but surely - still a bit chilly "in the shadows", and later on in the afternoon, but gloves and hat are getting removed more often these days !! However I MUST remember to check my bag tomorrow morning before heading off to work - you never know what you might find in there ...

Berlioz relaxing after a hard day doing bugger all ...


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