Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mossley v Cammell Laird - 26Feb11

New to the Mossley squad - Chris Pauley from Chadderton

... no problems with the new work start times - home comfortably in time for get changed/get gear/get sandwich/get pre-match "shandy" etc etc ...

We were all hoping for an improvement on Tuesday night's debacle - there were five changes to the starting line-up, and for 20 minutes this looked to have done the trick - good movement, good passing, comfy at the back ... and then it all went horribly wrong. Once Lairds took the lead, it was back to Tuesday - heads visibly dropped, errors started creeping in, hints of "internal dissension" and ... you can guess the rest - another goal 10 minutes before half-time pretty much nailed it - although Mossley did get one back with about five minutes to go (a touch controversial - offside/onside/active/inactive/flag/whistle/discussion ... goal awarded !), but to be honest it was more than Mossley deserved.

Some pictures at

Mossley 1 Cammell Laird 2

The game was sponsored by the Labour Party and saw a "guest appearance" by local MP Jonathon Reynolds (hope he's got a receipt for the sponsorship dosh - he ! he !) - but I'm afraid it was Mossley who were "labouring" yesterday ... the crowd, although up from Tuesday, was still pretty poor at 131 - and performances like the last couple will do little to improve this (home again on Tuesday night v Prescot Cables).

... as Marcellus said (Hamlet Act 1 Scene 4) "Something is rotten in the State of Mossley" (or words to that effect), and it needs sorting - sharpish - before the season dies on its feet ...

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