Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tonight ...

... it was a question of "where to go" at one stage - since Saturday's "game" at Mossley, I thought long and hard about tonight's options - Mossley v Prescot or Stalybridge v Worcester - and for all the lazy lard*rses - the Chelsea v Man U telly option never came into the equation - this TV "extravanganza is however guaranteed to make a bloody big hole in the attendances of EVERY non-league game this evening, although looking at last night's local attendances however (85 at Curzon, 75 at Ashton United), we can't just blame Murdoch and his henchmen (much that I'd love to ...).

Anyway ... I'm going for the "line of least resistance" (or least travel at least !) - we give Mossley another go ... call it "Third Time Lucky" if you like after two successive home defeats by teams BELOW them in the table - tonight's opponents are in the bottom three. I will be spreading my wings a bit come Saturday(OK if Curzon Ashton v AFC Fylde can be seen to be "wing spreading" !!) - Mossley are away at Garforth and I'm pretty sure work committments will knock that option on the head.

One other game to look out for (for me anyway) tonight is Redditch United v Stafford Rangers (bottom v bottom-but-one) - a win for the Boro will make their Saturday fixture at home to Hyde FC (bottom-but-two) VERY interesting (would I like to be at that one ... but ...)

Time to get "charged up" (in the battery sense) - hoping that several thousand volts are running through the Mossley team as well ...

... and just for the hell of it - some more Seth Lakeman !!!


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