Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Stuff

"STS" exclusive - Belper's Jon Froggatt on the ball ...

... the decision was made in the end on Friday night to head for Belper on Saturday after work - thus missing the Mossley defeat by Chorley (I guess the only upside to this game was a very healthy crowd of just over 300 - downside being the sixth successive defeat) ...

Anyway - arrived at work Saturday to be greeted by the "Thanks very much for delivering all the Census Forms in a timely and efficient manner" ... 600+ Council Tax statements (plus a large number of associated "rebate letters" for those entitled to same ... ouch !!). Discussions quickly took place - and it was agreed that they could be spread out over three working days (just like the Census) - so I took a few just to show willing (!!) - finished and home for about 1300 and straight off down the A6 arriving in Belper about 1445 and heading straight for ChristChurch Meadows (not even time for a quick shandy in the "George & Dragon" as is my usual habit).

After a fairly even - if rather drab - first half - the second half got off to a bad start for the home side when McGee put Grantham ahead and 15 minutes later it was 2-0 ... and that was that I'm afraid. Some huffin' and puffin' but little for the home fans to shout about. Strange at the moment the similarities between Belper and Mossley - both mid-table with apparently little to play for - both struggling at home - attendances down - both with a goal difference of -1 as well. Grabbed a couple of beers after the game before heading back to Mother-in-Laws for food and telly.

Today saw "a bit of a walk" - once round Belper (strange to see how many shops etc. are now CLOSED on Sundays - recession or what ?) and then we headed off the the Royal Derby Infirmary (and a long walk inside the hospital to find the right ward !!) to see Mrs Smiffy's sister's son (my nephew ?) who had an "big" operation earlier in the week. He's "improving" but it's going to be a long haul ... home this afternoon/early evening, meatballs, spaghetti and an "authentic" tomato sauce was my creation for tea before finally getting around to fiddling with Saturday's piccies - which can be found at

Belper Town 0 Grantham Town 2

Maybe an early night (i.e. before midnight !!) - and then time to get stuck in to the Council Tax statements tomorrow. Midweek football - don't know yet - if I go for the "keep it simple" option it'll be Stalybridge Celtic v Corby Town on Wednesday night (note also - admission for this one has been reduced to only a fiver !!) - otherwise the "awkward" option is Salford City v Mossley on Tuesday (awkward in public transport terms that is ...). Next weekend is my "long weekend" (Saturday/Sunday/Monday off - unless I decide to work Monday !!) - and we may well be going to visit large boy (and lady) up in Morecambe - again undecided (the footy option there would be Lancaster City v Chester - tasty eh ?). As I said on Friday ... decisions, decisions ... and I'm putting them off for now anyway !!

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