Friday, March 18, 2011

Stalybridge Celtic v Corby Town

Lee Elam gets a shot in for Celtic ...

... well it was only a fiver to get in on a misty night in Stalybridge - unfortunately it wasn't a pretty game to watch - and to rub salt into the wounds, the camera "threw a wobbly" just as Celtic took the lead through a Connor Jennings penalty - d'oh ! It was one of the few "moments" in a very drab first half - and the second half wasn't much better. Corby got their equaliser (which was always on the cards) and, apart from a few "moments" the game drifted towards its inevitable stalemate conclusion. Still it was only a fiver to get in !!! Pictures at

Stalybridge Celtic 1 Corby Town 1

Work was "interesting" today. Got in, prepared my walk for action - and was then told I was being sent to a neighbouring office to "help out" - so today was spent delivering mail ... in Mossley !! I might have lived here over 25 years - but I discovered a few streets I've never been down before !! As far as I know, it's back to normal tomorrow ... but you never know ! This weekend is my "long weekend" (as in Saturday and Monday as days off - and I'm taking them both !) - so I'd been looking forward to an interesting/unusual day out football-wise. Unfortunately there's very little of "interesting/unusual" choice - Mossley @ home; Ashton United @ home; Curzon Ashton no game; Droylsden @ home; Stalybridge @ home; Hyde FC no game ... so on Saturday we're going up to Morecambe to see eldest boy (and lady) - and I'll be taking in the Lancaster City v Chester game ! Sunday sees a walk (no doubt !) and Monday a trip to the dentist (gosh !).

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Nortoner said...

Maybe a "scouting report" on Lancaster for Andy Carney Smiffy - in advance of the Pres Cup Final?!