Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ashton United v Retford United

Marlin Piana "getting involved" today ...

I knew it would be tight - arrived at Hurst Cross about 1320 hrs - and was still putting gear together when Liam Dawson put the home team ahead ... the next 78 minutes were not the greatest - but Ashton looked fairly comfortable throughout - and it was a bit of a "six pointer", so I guess three points at the end of the day is a good result (Ashton United now on 40 points - Ossett Town - second bottom - on 31 points) - a few pix from my 75 minutes of footy at

Ashton United 1 Retford United 0

... due to timing/work etc I had to go to Ashton by motor vehicle - so left as quick as I could to get home, dump car and head to "Britt" to watch the Wales/England encounter - arrived about 15 mins late, so missed first goal (!) - the next 75 minutes were not the greatest ... but I guess three points at the end of the day is a good result (this is starting to sound vaguely familiar !!)

News from the smoke - Mrs Smiffy and daughter not yet arrested - and the "bits" of news I've seen so far naturally centre on the 0.001% of the people there (as predicted on yesterday's post). Once I finish here I'll sit down, relax, try to find some un-biased reporting (web or TV) and see how it all went ...

Still up for some early morning snapping tomorrow - weather today was a bit cooler than expected (and flippin' windy to boot !) - watch this space as they say - plus I also need to do a bit of shopping and a bit of recycling tomorrow as well - the (first load of) washing is washing as we speak - and must also try to find something "interesting" to do with a shoulder of lamb ... thinking "Greek Style" at the moment rather than "mint style" ...

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