Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ashton Utd v Droyslden - MPC Final - 28Mar11

Finished work in good time and headed over to Hurst Cross to join the Ashton United "DoubleDecker Special" which transferred a good proportion of Robins fans over to Ewen Fields. After a glorious day weather-wise ... it got bloody cold rather quickly !!

The game - excellent. Ashton belied the "one divison difference" for a good proportion of the game and twice got back on level terms from 0-1 and 1-3 before succumbing 4-3 in extra time - Ciaran Kilheeney scored all four for Droylsden including two penalties. The Ashton fans were certainly the noisier on the night as well ! If you want to read more from an Ashton perspective check out the Ashton United messageboard. I didn't stay for the after-match ceremonials - I was bitterly cold by then, and had the offer of a lift straight back to Mossley. Some pictures from the evening at

Droylsden 4 Ashton United 3 (AET)

Was my day off today - was told yesterday I "wasn't needed" at Oldham ... so at 0740 this morning I get a phone call "They need a body at Ashton DO" !! "Why not ?" thought I, and spent several hours delivering in the vicinity of the Curzon Ashton ground (!!) before heading home, rustling up a beef goulash and then sorting out the pix. Back to Oldham tomorrow ... now time to make the most of the rest of my day off ...

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