Thursday, March 03, 2011

Day Off Today ...

My Day in three instalments (pictures posed by models !!)

... so the morning was spent doing those things you do on days off - to the doctors first for my "Annual MOT" (well spirometry !) - apparently the change of job from desk-bound slob to walkie-physical postie has done wonders to my lung capacity and general breathing in/out (if only the ciggies could disappear I'd probably be 21 years old again - not recommended though !!!). Then off to Ashton for a haircut and brief "shop wander" before returning home and grabbing camera, sticking new lens on, and heading out of the door for a bit of an aimless stroll (back garden, down to canal, up onto bridle path, back to canal and then home along the "top road" stopping off at the "Rising Sun" for a couple of pints of Hornbeam "Lemon Blossom" (and very nice it was too !). Some pictures at

Postie Day Off - 03Mar11

Home to cook a pork stir-fry ... and now this ... followed by a quiet night in.

The End.

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Nortoner said...

Drop them ciggies Mike! We did it about 7 years ago and apart from getting the equivalent of a pay rise, we both felt much better for it inside 6 months!
(I know, I know - the worst moaners about smoking are ex-smokers!)