Sunday, March 06, 2011

Curzon Ashton v AFC Fylde 05Mar11

(The faint haze ... is someone walking in front of the camera - aargh !!!!)

... I got there eventually !!

Busy Saturday morning for me - I'd promised to "help out" one of the lads at work who was playing in a cup semi-final with a 1400 kick-off - so I did 25% of his walk in addition to mine. Got home at about 1445 ! Time for a quick butty and change before heading down to the Tameside Stadium - arriving about 1520 - eek ! (Note to self - don't do too much overtime on Football Saturdays ... unless you're just walking up the hill to Mossley ...) Got there to find Curzon were already one goal up thanks to a (controversial ?!?) Chris McDonagh penalty. The rest of the first half was a pretty scrappy affair I thought - disappointing considering it was meant to be a game between two of the top five teams. It was cold (naturally - always is on the Snipe !), windy ... and the pitch was looking a bit rough. Second half was much improved - although it was the away team who looked the better team throughout that 45 minutes - Curzon looked very disjointed - and most of my pictures had that "far away" look about them (stood at the wrong end y'see !!). It was only a matter of time before an equaliser arrived, but surprising that it took until the 85th minute. Fylde had the ball in the net again after that, but the "goal" was chalked off - for pushing in the box I believe. I suppose both sides should be fairly happy with a point each though - keeps 'em both in the mix for play-off places ... some pictures at

Curzon Ashton 1 AFC Fylde 1

Some grim results from yesterday - Mossley lost (yet again - and had two sent off !), and both Stafford Rangers and Belper Town leaked 5 (five) goals at home - there's going to plenty of unhappy/angry folks spouting forth on the numerous Message Boards I guess (with calls for Managerial change as well I don't doubt). Ashton United appear to have been a bit unlucky at high-flying FC Halifax Town (conceding an 89th minute goal) and Droylsden lost as well (2-0 at Boston). The only winner from the "Six Tame Sides" was Stalybridge Celtic (3-1 at Gainsborough) - although mention ought to be made of Glossop North End's 7-1 home win over Silsden - GNE have had a very "up and down" season so far (with more downs than ups), so this should have brought some cheer to the Surrey Street faithful (note to self - go out and buy a "Non League Paper" quite soon ... maybe another cuppa tea first !)

Not too much to choose from next midweek - Droylsden and Ashton United are both at home on Monday night, so I'm guessing it'll be between those two. It's going to be a bit of a bugger at work as well, as it's "Census Week" - or delivery of same. I've seen the piles (and piles and piles !) of Census Packs sat waiting and ready to rock - one to each house, and they're fairly hefty weight-wise as well (especially when youve got 600+ of them to deliver and three days to do it in !!). Not sure which religion we're supposed to be putting on the forms this time around - in 2001 I went for the "Jedi" option (like 400,000 others if I remember rightly !!!) - I haven't seen any concerted campaign this time to get us all to put down "something silly" - there's time yet however ...

Now - off to put that kettle on again ...


Anonymous said...

QUOTE "The only winner from the "Six Tame Sides" was Stalybridge Celtic (3-1 at Gainsborough)"

What about the magnificent Tigers! You mentioned Stafford's shipping of 5 but failed to mention they were at home to us, then top it off with that beauty.

If this was an estate agents window, you'd have a pic up by now slating them!

Mike Smith said...

What do you expect from a born and bred Staffordian :-)

Mike Smith said...

... and it was VERY early on Sunday morning ... :-D

(A full and frank confession/correction will follow - unfortunately ...)