Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Ashton United v Kendal Town - 07Mar11

Must be an ex-Timperley Big Shorts player ...

... after a hard day's "Census Delivery", beginning in sub-zero temperatures and warming up as the day went on (plus a lump of o/t in the afternoon), what better way to relax than ... going back out into slowly plummetting temperatures to watch a game a football ?? Mad or what ... I've not seen such a one-sided first since ... probably the last Mossley defeat (!!) - but somehow or other Ashton United went in at the break 1-0 up - a cracker from Jonathon Bathurst in between the incessant Kendal Town pressure (thought Osman was outstanding in the first half). After the break I thought Kendal went right off the boil - yet they came away 2-1 winners !

Strange game indeed ... some not too brilliant pictures at

Ashton United 1 Kendal Town 2

Considering the distances involved for a midweek game, Kendal brought a sizeable chunk of the crowd with them (including the famed "Chelsea" - who I've not seen for quite a while !) and they all went away happy (with thoughts of a play-off place resurfacing no doubt) ... Ashton meanwhile played well in patches but never really got to grips with the likes of Osman up front and struggled to find a way through a solid Kendal defence (their number 3 was tiny - with enormous shorts - but he too had an excellent game).
Tonight spent eating pancakes (while others went for the banana/maple syrup/choc sauce option, I went savoury with the mince/onion/garlic/tom puree choice !).

Now making a French Onion Soup in between scanning vidiprinters/message boards for tonight's scores (so far - 2120 - Curzon 1-0 up @ Lancaster and Belper 2-0 @ home to Newcastle Town - Presidents Cup semi-final this one ...).

Back to stir those onions - hope they start to caramelise soon ... there's more Census forms to deliver in less than 12 hours time !!!

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