Monday, March 07, 2011

Apologies to Hyde FC

... a bit of a cock-up on the Smiffy front vis-a-vis "local winners" on Saturday. Of course Stalybridge were NOT the only "Six Tame Sides Saturday Success" - Hyde FC won as well (and I did half-mention it, noting that Stafford Rangers shipped 5 (five) goals at home in their crucial relegation battle ............. against Hyde FC).

... being a born and bred Staffordian who was there during the glory years of the 1970s, I must have found it a little bit too much to take - and thus blanked it from my mind !!!! Let's hope that BOTH teams can stay up and fight another day (I don't think I've got any friends in Gainsborough - so here's hoping that they do the decent thing ... !!)

Again - sorry chaps ...

Now to grab some tea before heading to Hurst Cross ...

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