Friday, February 25, 2011

Staying In ...

... Mrs Smiffy now home from her travels (I've just eaten my way through a genuine Melton Mowbray Pork Pie topped with Stilton - I believe the current phraseology is "nom nom" !!) ... however, as she's buggered off out again tonight (!!), I'm looking forward to an hour of Steve Winwood on BBC4 in about 10 minutes !!

Last night's "tellyfooty" was enjoyable if only for some of the player's names. Man City were up against a team containing Netto, Fatty, Todger, Brittas and Bob Dylan (OK the pedants would say Neto, Faty, Toja, Pritas and Bobadilla !!) - they even bought Koke on later (but he didn't get a sniff !)

Other news ... tomorrow sees a new start time at work - problem being it's about one hour later than it has been - which further contracts footy options on Saturdays. Well that's the theory anyway - we'll see how it goes. Some gig tickets bought as well - our love affair with Buxton Opera House continues, and come May 9th we will be taking in Seth Lakeman ... and for those who say "Who ???" here's a Youtube to whet the appetite ..

Let's just hope the requisite *rses have been kicked in the Mossley squad - and something like a team turns up for the Cammell Laird game tomorrow (and hopefully the snapper will turn up on time as well !)

Now off to watch Steve Winwood ...

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