Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2013 - A BAD Start ...

... it all started to go horribly wrong when  I found out there were no buses - OK I should have checked earlier ... but I knew the trains were on - and sort of assumed (like you do) ...  so Ashton United v Stafford Rangers ... FAIL !

Too late to do much else other than walk up the road to Seel Park - and after the first 45 minutes I was all for going home.  Probably the most inept/disinterested display of 'football' that I've seen for many a year (and yes I've seen some cr*p over the years up there !).  Marginally better in the second half - but the damage was done - and tbh New Mills could have had more.  I managed - somehow to find a few pictures - but at 1655hrs - even now - I struggled.

Mossley 0 New Mills 4

Guess we should be thankful we're not Hucknall Town fans - although from what I've read the eight players who did turn up gave their all ... which is more than can be said for the 14 that 'graced' the Seel Park pitch today.

(and for those who don't know ... Hucknall Town were beaten 13-0 by Loughborough Dynamo)

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