Friday, January 18, 2013

A Day Out ...

... in the "big city" ... a leisurely wander around the National Football Museum - a good 2/3 hours anyway - and yes it's recommended !! Guess I was a touch lucky going midweek, as it was not too busy/ full of bloody football fans !!  A quick look around the shop where I behaved myself by NOT buying a signed copy of "The Cradle of the Game" by photographer Stuart Roy Clarke (£35 !!) - instead buying 3 postcards (the "My Team's Lost" postcard - just hope 3 is enough for the rest of the season !!).  A few pictures at 

National Football Museum 17Jan13

Followed this by "joining the vultures" - a wander around the HMV Store, where I managed to pick up 5 Todd Rundgren/Utopia CDs for the princely sum of £15.

Today ... no sign of this promised snow - so I'm going for a haircut ... yes it's a real rock'n'roll lifestyle this week ... football tomorrow ?? Not holding my breath ...

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