Friday, January 25, 2013

Fun in the Snow ...

Well it tried to snow this afternoon - but didn't - so got away with it at work (just five days of compacted "old" snow and ice instead).  Tonight we had tickets for Jeremy Hardy @ the Oldham Coliseum, and by the time we got there (1910hrs) ... it was coming down.  An excellent one-man show - two hours of ramble about this and that - and at 2145 we came out ... into HELL !!!!  The Car Park was total chaos - it was fun watching this 4x4 making a total *rse of itself (it's obviously true that for 90% of people, they're bought as status symbols by people who haven't a clue how to use them - it's being so cynical that keeps me cheerful !!) - wonder if it's still there, going sideways ...  I just cleared our trusty Astra of snow and watched the fun ... before bouncing up over a kerb and down the other side (using the deep snow as a ramp) before a fairly torturous journey home - arriving back at about 2315.  I say back - the final steep hill up to our street was a snowdrift too far, so abandoned the car (safely !!) and trudged the final few hundred yards home for ... BEER - and this !!

Work might be interesting tomorrow morning - as the mega-thaw ain't due to start until the afternoon.  Non-League football ??? Probably a total wipe-out - Droylsden and Stalybridge are already off - only a matter of time tomorrow morning before Hyde and the two Ashton's are called off - typical isn't it; five at home this weekend - and we get this final winter blast (I say final - who knows what February will bring).  TV football - or extended working (!!) looks like the order of the day ..

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