Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oops !!!

Last year I got a reminder ... this year I didn't ...

So if you're reading this at about 2000hrs on Thursday - you must have used ... because the web hosting account for the "posh one" (i.e. expired -  aargh !

Anyhow ... have just renewed for another 12 months (it's free via, so all should be back to normal ... soon.

In the meantime - it was back to work today - nice to see the hailstones bouncing off my cap this afternoon (aah the Great British Summer) - tomorrow is Whit Friday (big local holiday round here - much marching of brass bands and churches etc) - so we're all in very early to try to avoid stuff.  However, it should mean early finish so we can all go home, put on our best bib and tucker and go out in the evening and watch brass band contests and drink a few shandies.  We'll see if last year's "lacklustre effort" (as I called it) continues this year - a good day/night for all which over the years has been slowly ruined by the p*ssheads, I'm afraid - people are staying in due to the aggro, some band contests have 'finished for good' ( see my 2012 post - or my 2011 post - and if to prove a point that's it all been going pear-shaped for some years ... my 2007 post !!!)

In fact if you wanted ... you could substitute "Trans-Pennine Rail Ale Trail" for "Whit Friday" - great ideas ... ruined by morons ...

Rant over - if you can read it in time !!!

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