Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What I Did on my Holidays ...

... three days off this week - not through choice but ...

As with most holidays, it's time to do all those jobbies that you never have time for - doctor's, hospital appointment etc etc.  To add insult to injury, I've managed to chip a tooth exposing the filling below - so an emergency dentist's appointment has been added to the list.

Lazy day on Monday (did buy a pair of bathrrom scales and a Freesat box though) ... yesterday spent virtually all morning in the hospital (I'd been sent there by dox for an x-ray) - so spent a happy hour in the waiting room watching "Homes under the Hammer" - gripping stuff this daytime TV !!! Headed off towards Manchester after that ... via Droylsden because I wanted to "have a go" on the recently opened Metrolink tram extension - such is the geek in me.  

 Got some cheap trainers and a fancy SCART adaptor (automatic - none of this cheap 'button pressing' stuff) to cope with new Freesat box (plus DVD and Nintendo Wii).  A quick whizz round the Football Museum - I'd done it not so long ago (pics here), so it was just a peep at the latest "changing exhibition" which was "Football and Fashion" ... and then home (with a rare - these days - stop-off at Stalybridge Buffet Bar).  Some REALLY boring pictures from babycam at

Day out - Tuesday 21May13

Now you've all fallen asleep (?) ... so far today (1030), I've done the doctor's appointment, bought a new SatNav via Tesco Direct (used a shed load of vouchers to bring it down to just £39 !) - sorted yesterday's pics (staying awake somehow !) and written this ramble.  What next in the thrilling lifestyle of someone without work or football ??

Talking of Tesco ... anyone seen this story today ("Mayor Drives Car into Tesco Store") - brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Click and Collect" !!!

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