Sunday, September 29, 2013

Busy Weekend ...

... starting at 0530hrs Saturday morning - work - then into the car to drive down to Trafford FC to "do" their game against Altrincham for the "Non League Paper" - it had to be the day that Man United were at home on a Saturday at 1500hrs (surely a one-off !) which meant the M60 was a touch busy (!).  Still, made it just in time - however had to go through the next 120 minutes without either beer (driving) or tobacco (no time to stop to buy any !).  Did the game, followed by the "mad hour" afterwards - sorting pictures, captioning and sending them off by FTP.  Fortunately Trafford DID have a wi-fi connection that agreed with my laptop in their tiny tiny "office". 

The one bright spot for Alty - James Walshaw makes it 1-1 from the spot

Slowly getting the hang of this "workflow" thing, but am feeling a bit more confident about taking more pictures - just need to be up the right end ... did you expect Trafford to win ? Me neither !!  Still - managed to get a couple in the paper ... still not as comfy as when I do the unpaid stuff, and have all night to sort/tweak and upload rather than a frantic 60 minutes ... I'm getting there - slowly (still need a new laptop tho').

"I DON'T BELIEVE IT !" - Alty Manager Lee Sinnott

Drove home from Trafford (all the cars seemed to have black armbands on - dunno why) - and then it was off to a 21st birthday bash in Stalybridge Labour Club - my little boy and one of his mates were born on the same day in the same ward at Tameside Hospital ("celestial twins" ?) - good do - good food - and some Phoenix "White Monk" on handpump as well !!

Today - up early to get "Non League Paper" and admire handiwork - trip to tip - and then take small boy (nursing the king of all hangovers !) back to college in Nantwich.  Late Sunday lunch in the "Crown Hotel" in Nantwich (Roast Beef jobbie washed down with a pint of Gloucester Brewery "Priory Pale") - drive home and later tonight it's off to the "Britannia" in Mossley for Quiz Night - difference here is that I'm the "Guest Quizmaster", so in amongst all that kerfuffle mentioned above, I've been compiling a quiz as well - we'll see how that goes.

... and then it's Monday ...

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