Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mossley v Ramsbottom United

Phew ... a league win at last !

But first lets go back a while - a thoroughly grotty week weather-wise/work-wise (recession ?? what recession ?? people keep buying stuff - and usually stuff in rather large parcels ... and they're never in to pick 'em up !!)  

Hey ho - that's life at the pre-privatised mail-face ... finished work on Friday afternoon and then home to take Mrs Smiffy down to Stalybridge Station ... not for a beer mind, but to catch a train to Derby.  Now listen up - a single from Stalybridge to Derby costs ... £37.  Yes £37.   HOWEVER, being a bit of a geek, I thought "RIP OFF" (there's privatisation for you !). So ... if you buy a single from Stalybridge to Stockport - £3-20 ... and a single from Stockport to Derby - £19-40.  Grand total ... £22-60 - a saving of £14-40.  All you peeps out there - always look at ticket splitting ... it can save you loads !!

So - a quiet night in last night for me - watched "Still Crazy" DVD (AGAIN !) followed by "AC/DC Live at River Plate" (AGAIN !) before retiring, knowing I was up at 0600hrs this morning to do early morning overtime ...  followed by my own walk ... followed by half of another walk (doing a favour for mate whose kids were bridesmaid and page boy at a relatives wedding) ... think of the money !!!

Naturally arrived at football late (but not TOO late ... 'twas still 0-0) - and promptly watched Rammy take a one goal lead.  Fortunately it seems that the half-time team talk/shout/bawl had the required effect, as Mossley raced into a 3-1 lead and were coasting.  Chances for more goals came - but chances were missed/wasted ... and then all of a sudden it was 3-3 as Rammy equalised  in the 89th minute !!  Five minutes added time was announced ... and Mossley finally got their first league win of the season with a late late Andy Keogh goal.

Nice to have a chat with Tony Cunningham after the game - now involved at Ramsbottom United on the "scribbler" side of things (in fact it'll be his story in the "Non League Paper" tomorrow) - way way back in the mists of time Tony was heavily involved at Mossley - and it was me who took over the job of Programme Editor from him in 1986.  We're all getting old aren't we ???

Enough reminiscing ... you want to see some pictures maybe ??? Well they're here  ...

Mossley 4 Ramsbottom United 3

(Yeah ... not so good on the goals to be honest - but the celebrations are nice eh what ?!?)

So - another quiet night in before heading off down to Belper (who beat Chasetown 1-0 today) early doors to return wife to Mossley - maybe getting a walk in on the way back.  Next week it's early doors (0645hrs) starts all week due to staff shortages/holidays etc etc - and maybe some football as well.

(And can I add a quick "WELL DONE" to Stafford Rangers who similarly sneaked a late late 2-1 win over FC United of Manchester today ?  I write this stuff - so yes I can !) .

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