Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mossley v Droylsden ...

... in the Manchester Premier Cup last night ...

Droylsden are struggling this season ... but they took the lead early doors ... so what do the Mossley fans think ?? "Here we go again ..." comes to mind !!  However it soon became obvious that this lead was NOT going to last ... and it didn't ... and despite a 3-1 lead becoming 3-2, there was no way that Mossley were not going to lose this game ...  Not unlike Saturday's game against Rammy, Mossley managed (mis-managed) to miss a plethora of chances ... once the team get that "killer instinct" some team is going to really suffer.  Pictures from last can be found at

Mossley 4 Droylsden 2 

Having seen Droylsden twice this season before last night ... I thought their performance against Buxton was a step in the right direction - although since that game they've struggled big time (i.e. they're even below Stafford Rangers in the league ... !!).  Some nice touches up front by the Bloods last night - but they do seem to have problems at the back - although 'keeper Ashley Hall did his best to keep them in the game (certainly my MOM for the visitors last night).

It's still only September ... and (like many will say) 'twas only the Manchester Premier Cup ... but Mossley are the holders.  Droylsden need to go away and get their act together big style ... obviously the money is tight down there - and attendances at the Butchers Arms are dwindling by the minute - then again any midweek game is gonna suffer due to that bloody TV - it's not just Droylsden it's ALL the clubs around here ... and we know that money through the gate is never enough to keep a non-league team going.  Unlike many around here I've no great dislike for Droylsden as a club (although it's owner/chairman/manager/general mogul does little to make himself popular) - but it's sad to see, and I hope it DOES improve (as long as they still remain below Stafford Rangers of course !!) ...

Anyway ... onwards and upwards for Mossley - it's time to turn these cup wins into league wins and begin moving up that table - Harrogate on Saturday would be a start !! Me ?? Off to Trafford v Altrincham (yep - another "paid jobbie" for the "Non League Paper" - and that's going to be tricky on all fronts viz finishing work in time, getting there - and then hoping there's some wi-fi somewhere to send pics off - but that's my problem I guess ...).

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