Friday, August 06, 2010

Day Off - 05Aug10

Thursday was Postman Smiffy's "Day Off" this week - which was handy as we had some friends up from darkest Wiltshire for a day and a bit. A trip into the big city was the order of the day - shopping, showing off the "sights" of City Centre Manchester (including the big wheel thingy) followed by a Tampopo tea (Chicken Ramen for me) and thence to the Royal Exchange for a bit of a laugh ("Charley's Aunt" - very very funny indeed). Armed only with babycam (and dodgy batteries - with the lack of patio stuff going on due to the absolutely sh*te weather, the batteries had almost faded away !), I can only offer up

Day Off - 05Aug10

Late home - to find I'd missed what sounded like a "feisty" private friendly 'twixt Mossley and Dukinfield Town ("feisty" enough for the ref to call it a day 10 minutes early apparently !!). One other thing as well - remember that place that made me redundant ?? I believe that "redundant" means that your job does not exist - however ... for the THIRD time since giving me the boot I'd had an e-mail saying "We've got a problem" - you can work out the rest ... As usual it was one of my mates who asked the question (rather than one of the b*st*rd management scum that got rid of me) so, ever the nice guy (some might say MUG), I came up with the solution to their "problem" - which was naturally successful. Time I feel for an e-mail to "head b*st*rd" in India pointing out the error of his ways ...

No football at Mossley tomorrow - so I feel a trip to Stalybridge Celtic coming on. They've a friendly against Fleetwood (Moneybags) Town tomorrow, so I may well bump into "Docs" and some of our other Cod Army friends, as well as the usual suspects from 'Bridge - first of course, a bit of postal delivery in the Oldham area. One nice touch this week - I had a recorded delivery to one house - knocked on door - shouts from upstairs "Don't go !!! I'm in the shower !! Please wait !!" - dripping man appears on doorstep saying "I've been waiting for this one - I won a competition for two tickets for the Charity Shield at Wembley". Signed for, he opened it up and showed me said tickets - well I made someone happy this week !

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