Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Houston we HAD a Problem ...

... at Surrey Street tonight - something to do with the seasonal summer weather (ha !!). As the players came back out for the second half (it was 1-1 at the time), I turned the camera back on to find ... nothing. Tried the usual quick fixes (battery in/out; lens off/on; memory card change) to no avail. Into the Social Club for a "dry out the innards" session, whilst listening to the second and third goals for Glossop going in - bugger ! Finally got it up and limping about 15 minutes from the end, to take a few extra scruffy-looking pictures (including something on goals 4 and 5), but I reckon both camera body and big lens need a good bottoming (including possibly time for a sensor clean - eek !) before it comes out to play again.

Which will be on Friday morning - my day off - because at about 0930, the "Scarborough Flyer" will be hurtling through Mossley on the way to ... Scarborough - and it should be one of two steam engines; 60009 (Union of South Africa) or 46201 (Princess Elizabeth). Coming back through Mossley about 2025, so I'll try for both. (For those interested, the full timetable for the train can be found here). In between times, a dentist appointment awaits as well - eek -and if the weather's OK, some breeze-block laying in the garden.

... and if you're still here ... tonight's (reduced) pictures from the Glossop game are at

Glossop North End 5 Flixton 1

That's all folks - I too need to dry out properly before tomorrow !!!

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Anonymous said...

Mike,It's 6201 Princess Elizabeth tomorrow.I'm joining the train at Huddersfield tomorrow.See you,Dave Baxi