Friday, August 13, 2010

Posties - Getting some Bad Press Locally

Two recent stories in the "Manchester Evening News":

Story One - August 5th

Story Two - August 13th

Like any job - you're going to find some "bad apples" (think MPs for starters !) - and unfortunately mud tends to stick - however what annoys me about the MEN website is the "Comments" section where readers can have their say on the headlines of the day - not just on these two particular stories, but on others as well. The "comments" often seem to be from arrogant, supercilious "I'm all right Jack" type people (who I'm guessing are all abusing their company web access by mouthing off online whilst they should be working - hmmm ...). "Hang 'em all"; "Slash ALL benefits"; "They're ALL scum" is usually the order of the day on here - I'd like to remind people of the phrase "Coming back to bite your bum". When the story comes out about some person losing their job for inappropriate internet usage ... it'll be interesting to see the comments under THAT story.

Oh yeah - and if you expect parcels - get a bigger bloody letter box - or write to your local Delivery Office advising of a possible "SafePlace" option (a neighbour or a greenhouse for example) - that'll save you the trip down to the Sorting Office won't it ??

(Mild) Rant over ...

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Nortoner said...

You're right to rant Mike, mild or otherwise. I have to say, "Commenters" on the stories you highlighted make me angry. "Holier than thou2 type - 2hang 'em all (but not me of course", "floggings too good for 'em", "whats the country coming to?" ranters who have never made a mistake in their lives. For many more examples - see the Daily Mail...

Sorry for the rant BTW!