Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mossley v Curzon Ashton - League Cup

Man of the Match Kayde Coppin plays "Hunt the Contact Lens" - not really though !!!

... excellent performance - and a fully deserved win (which could have been by a much wider margin to be honest !) ... A shame that it was probably all in vain - apparently a slight "registration problem" with one of the Mossley players - and that sort of thing is far more important to League Management Committees than foul and abusive language; foul and abusive players; and foul and abusive ... errr ... tree monkeys. So no doubt Mossley will be removed from the Doodson Cup, banned from any form of football for 7 years - and Mossley secretary will be placed in the stocks on the Market Place for 12 hours (bring your own rotten veg !). I jest - well most of it - the cup place will obviously disappear - but as someone has already pointed out - better a ...

... than three points lost in the league ... and the performance still stands - and certainly is starting to bode well for the future. Last night's pix can be found at ...

Mossley 2 Curzon Ashton 0 (Doodson Cup)

... and my tomato plants are starting to "go over" - so there is some rotten veg (OK fruit !!) available if required !!!!!!!!!!


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