Friday, March 16, 2012

Helluva Week - Nearly Over ...

... has been a right bugger this week, not finishing much before 1600 (with an 0700 start) everyday - I'm a touch nervous about what finish time I'll get away with tomorrow as well (at least the football is only 5 mins up the road - Mossley v Radcliffe Borough). Crazy to think though - this week will see a "normal" 24 hour week ... plus over 30 hours overtime !!! Hopefully not too many Mothers Day cards tomorrow (just in case you've all forgotten out there - too late to post 'em now - tee hee !)

Other news - got my first "dog bite" this week - although to be honest it was more of a "nip" - broke the surface but leg has not yet fallen off. A National Inquiry is in the throes of being set up by Royal Mail under former High Court Judge Sir Gordon Langley - over 4,000 posties are attacked by dogs every year (please note you dog owners) - and some of the stories I've heard are truly horrific - maybe I've been lucky up to now - but a slight scrape over the ankle is hardly worth reporting in my view (despite many people already telling me to put a report in) - treat every case on its merits I feel - plus making a mental note for next time !!

... and the washing machine is broken - now that's what I call a crisis ! Fingers crossed the parts etc should turn up tomorrow ... otherwise it's more deodorant we need ... and in the words of Sting "Don't Stand So Close To Me" !!

So - a quiet night in (someone else is cooking - hurrah !) -early start tomorrow and fingers crossed for an arrival at Seel Park as near to 1500hrs as I can make ...

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