Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stalybridge Celtic v Nuneaton Town

... well - looking at the form guides - and the table positions - this was going to be a tough one for the home side - but Celtic certainly threw the form book out of the window last night. They piled on the pressure from the start (despite kicking "uphill" !) - but it took nearly half-an-hour ... and a touch of genius ... before they took the lead through a Greg Wilkinson screamer (I caught his effort against Winsford a couple of weeks ago - but not last night though !). However - Nuneaton aren't third in the table for nothing and fashioned an equaliser about 10 minutes later. So ... 1-1 - the pessimists may well have been ... err pessimistic at this juncture, but just before half-time Stephen Brogan curled in a superb second goal - and then the second half was pretty much one-way traffic. Nunny did lose a player (red card-wise) but by then Celtic were 3-1 up and looking for more. An emphatic 4-1 victory for the home side - unfortunately they remain just out side the play-off zone due to other results on Tuesday evening ... but if that kind of form can be kept up until the end of the season .... ??

Some pictures at ...

Stalybridge Celtic 4 Nuneaton Town 1

Unfortunately some of the "goal pix" are not that hot - but sometimes you just can't legislate for 'genius'. In fact talking to some guy at half-time about this, he said "That's why they have 40 photographers at Old Trafford" - probably one for each player, one on Fergie, and a few floaters ... well it made me feel better !

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