Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Season So Far ...

... i.e. something to do while waiting for the weather to clear up (I think today's "big jobbie" is a hair cut - followed by trying to decide what to cook tonight !).

Following last night's game I've clocked up 60 games so far this season (including pre-season friendlies) that pan out as follows (home teams):

Mossley - 26
Stalybridge Celtic - 12
Curzon Ashton - 9
Ashton United - 7
Droylsden - 2
Hyde FC - 1
Woodley Sports - 1
Histon - 1
Chorley - 1
Belper Town - 0
Stafford Rangers - 0

You'll obviously notice that the numbers are heavily skewed towards "Where's the quickest/closest place to get to ?" - which is always going to be the major factor when working 99% of all Saturdays - and often not finishing/getting home after work until 1400 hrs (the trips to Chorley and Histon were - naturally - on my 'Saturdays off'). Another point worthy of comment is that the two teams at the top of the list DO NOT have a regular photographer - whereas the other "Four Tame Sides" do - and snapping is part of the game for me anyway. Other restrictions include the "only one midweek match allowed" rule (well most of the time !), my insistence on the use of public transport (yes I do like the odd shandy pre- and post-match !) and the large drop in finances caused by the enforced change of employment ... so that does tend to explain why some clubs in the outer reaches of Tameside don't really get the attention they fully deserve - sorry folks, but that's the way it goes ...

So ... being on holiday this week means a Saturday off work - and I DO like to make the most of these rare occasions - so Belper Town v Kidsgrove Athletic is the game of choice - I get to "open my account" at Belper for the season, Mrs Smiffy gets to see her Mum, we get a possible Peak District walk in on the Sunday ... and Belper get a FOURTH bloomin' photographer on the Saturday !!

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