Sunday, March 04, 2012

Stalybridge Celtic v Solihull Moors

Surrounded - Celtic's Phil Marsh looking for space ...

A bit of a "faffy" morning at work (stuff here stuff there - and a 10 minute wait for a bag drop !) - but miraculously I made it home in time to change, grab bag and still catch the 1355 train down to Stalybridge - a leisurely pre-match pint of Millstone "Tiger Rut" in the "Fleece" (apologies to the Buffet Bar, but the 'Rail Ale Trail' and all the flotsam it attracts - and the use of plastic glasses on a Saturday - make it rather less than appealing these days ... shame but, that's the price of "success" I suppose).

Gentle walk up the Mottram Road arriving just in time to see the Social Club bar close (!), plumb in the camera and out to see if Celtic could finally break their 2012 duck - it took a while, but they got there in the end. Always in control, but at 1-0 up and the opposition down to 10 men "pessimissm mode" clicks in both on and off the pitch. Celtic did have one perfectly good goal chalked off for offside (certainly looks that way on my pix), but a late second goal by Brogan calmed everyone down and sealed the three points for the home side - a result that also sees them return into the play-off places in the Blue Square North. Game pictures at

Stalybridge Celtic 2 Solihull Moors 0

Gentle walk down the Mottram Road - a leisurely post-match pint of Millstone "Tiger Rut" in the "Fleece" (see above !!) before home, sort pix and open the big box that had arrived in the morning. Following a e-junk-mail, I was tempted to part with £9.69 (including delivery !!) on a tripod. Obviously not expecting miracles at that price (although the spec said maximum weight 4kgs), but I've NEVER had a tripod before for the DSLR. Hopefully - I might even take it out for a play this coming week (together with a remote control cable I've barely used), because .... I'M ON HOLIDAY !!

(watch the weather be poo all week !!)

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elevendaysinmay said...

Didn't realise it was all plastic glasses on Saturday.

We mostly seem to go in Sunday and knew about the 'only plastic glasses allowed on the platform'. Shame used to enjoy sitting on the platform watching the world go by, sitting in that car park is rubbish.