Monday, March 11, 2013

Gourmet Monday ...

... following an effing cold day at the mail-face ... bloody cold wind (oh yes that wind-chill factor is alive and sub-zero up our end), snow flurries (ironically when the sun was brightly shining at times !!!) - and loads of Door-to-Doors (you call it junk mail ?? RM call it "live mail" ... but on the other hand they say "Mail is down" - not convinced ... as are some of my 10+ years co-workers).

No ... tonight's title comes from me munching on some Y Fenni cheese (my absolute fave) whilst roasting a joint of beef won in the "Britannia Meat Draw" yesterday afternoon - to be used for cold meat butties all week, whilst also keeping an eye on the jambalaya bubbling away on the stove (OK I've took my eye off it while tapping this out but ...) - and yes I've got my cooking apron on - together with Be-Bop Deluxe on the music machine !!!

Weather is certainly going to be a damper on football this week - we've Mossley at home tomorrow (against Farsley FC) - if that fails there's Stalybridge Celtic at home tomorrow night (against Northwich Vics in the Cheshire Senior Cup) - if that fails there's Ashton United v Matlock Town on Wednesday night.  If that fails ... 

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