Thursday, March 21, 2013

Weather ...

... still pants - and it ain't looking much better over the next few days - although stories of "real" snow are probably a little off course.

Those bloody gloves are going to have to hang in there for a while longer ... unless ... I break out the "emergency pair" - which were actually a Christmas pressie from one of my customer's kiddies (2 years old) - he always comes to the door and say "have we got any parcels ??" - I gave him an RM baseball cap for Christmas cus I'm a nice postie ... witness the gloves ...

... and yes I always wear them when attending said house - hence no holes etc !!!

Meanwhile - it's been like bloody Christmas these last few days - parcels, packets call them what you like - it's been crazy !!  Add to that a stupid amount of door-to-doors (4 off - which take up so much room in the bag - madness).  Never mind ... next week we have the Council Tax bills going to every bloody house - aargh !

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