Saturday, March 23, 2013

Strange Saturday ...

Up at 0600hrs - out of house 0625hrs to give myself time to dig the car out and then struggled into Uppermill arriving before the mail - sorted out first lot before the message filtered through "all deliveries are suspended today" ... so we filled in some time preparing next week's junk mail unaddressed mail before the second lot of mail/parcels arrived.  Threw them in ... and then I thought "Sod it - I'm taking some stuff out - if only to make Monday's bags a bit lighter" (ooh naughty !!!) - so I did - and then I went over to Greenfield (where the "other half" of my walk is) and did the same over there (ooh naughtier !!!).  My reasoning ?? Well we've been supplied with all the right gear (snow chains etc) ... so why suspend delivery ???  I was warned that if I had an accident it would be my fault ... but that's the norm in 99% of cases in 99% of weather conditions so ...

By now of course the postponements were coming through thick and fast - and by the time I got home it was pretty much a complete white-out of non-league footy.  I mused over a trip to pub to watch Sheff United and Brentford ... but found out that was off as well !

So a Saturday afternoon doing ... not a lot ... apart from drinking tea - shock horror - oh and I also rattled off Friday night's "Manchester Evening News" cryptic crossword fairly quickly (used to do it every day on the train home in my previous employment situation - this was probably the first time in nearly three years, and it was good to see my brain is still "functioning")

Other than that ...

... and keeping an eye of what little football there is via the BBC website (note Hyde have turned round a half-time 0-1 deficit and are 2-1 upat the moment).  As mentioned earlier, we're off to Manchester to see "To Kill a Mockingbird" - apparently the complete run is a sell-out (although we're apparently not "open to offers" regarding our tickets !!).

Anyway - I've had enough tea ... might just try a small shandy whilst listening to the last few minutes of the Hereford/Hyde game (courtesy BBC Hereford & Worcester) ...


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