Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ashton United v Curzon Ashton ...

... for the Arthur Clancy Trophy (for the unitiated Arthur Clancy was a Curzon stalwart of the  groundsman variety).

A right feisty affair it was ... not unlike the first 45 minutes of the Mossley/Airbus game last week.  That game calmed down a bit after the break ... unlike today's offering.  Sometimes I wonder about officials - my guess at the Mossley game was that the ref "had a word" at half-time (I may be wrong - ask Chris Brayshaw - liner !!!).  Certainly didn't happen today.  Another "bee in my bonnet" involves what the officials wear ... in the "good old days" they wore their black shirts with their County FA logo/Major League logo/FIFA logo on their heart ... so you knew what you were getting - and could accept as such.  These days they ALL wear these bloody "three lions" shirts ... so unless you're up to scratch with names etc  you just don't know...

Anyway enough grumbling ... so it went on ... if we're talking football, there wasn't much in it ... but then with a couple of minutes to go (and me panicking i.e. "I've not brought my penalty shoot-out lens !!"), Curzon snatch a "winner" - if someone would be so kind as to explain how it went in, I'd be grateful (maybe I'll just wait for the official reports - don't forget this IS the guy who thought it was 5-1 on Tuesday night !) - still another run-out for two local teams - obviously new names here there and everywhere - my excuse for the paucity of captions on the pictures from today - oh yes ...

Ashton United 0 Curzon Ashton 1

So ... sat at home sorting pics - and (with Mrs Smiffy being away for weekend) watching "AC/DC Live at River Plate" ... y'know the more I watch it the more I think it HAS to be one of those classic live concert DVDs. You only need to watch the first track ""Runaway Train" and see the audience  - if those buggers had been defending the Malvinas all those years ago - it would have been a lot trickier.  For an "audience reaction" concert, it HAS to be up there with the Queen contribution to Live Aid all those years ago.

Talking of "audience reaction" ... I nipped out last night to the "Railway" in Greenfield for their "open mic" night - and my challenge to myself was to stand up and sing ... so I did - "Honest Work" by Todd Rundgren done in the same way viz. acapella.  Apparently everything IS recorded (sound and vision) so maybe I might get a chance to see how much a pillock I made of myself !!!!!!!

Enough for now - the rain has arrived - big style ... but I'm indoors and NOT working ... Let there be Rock !!!

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Anonymous said...

'Honest Work'

Brave choice - well done ! ! !