Thursday, July 18, 2013

RIP ... Graham Bennett

... but then again ... a postman dying is not as "front page" as TA's dying on the Brecon Beacons ...

Postman dies on duty 

Work it out ... we're not just talking about the odd "hot day" ... it's been 75c+ for at least two and a bit weeks ('scuse my farhenheit ... I'm old !) - and even I'm feeling it - big style. Add to this we get the "heavy days" - as in Wednesday/Thursday usually) ... and these days it's a lot more parcels/packets - plus I'm still out in "the countries" as it's called round here - still bags on shoulders (no vans for us !) - and in the Pennine foothills .. we have ... hills.

Naturally ... we await the full SP - no doubt RM will be hoping there are "underlying medical medical issues" ... which will get them off the hook ...

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