Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mossley v Altrincham

A very good game indeed ... yes OK a friendly - with a shed-load of subs (especially Alty at half-time who put out virtually a complete new (youthy-type) team) - but worth the money nevertheless.  A full-strength (I believe ?) Altrincham team started the game - and looked very good (although supposed hot-shot Damien Reeves DIDN'T score - tee hee !!) - but Mossley gave as good as they got and kept it to 1-1 at half-time.  The multiple subs for Alty brought on a fair few youngsters/trialists - but then again Mossley also started to make more subs as the half progressed ... and when it got to the final 25 minutes the home team looked the fitter, the stronger, the team with more desire... and throroughly deserved the win.  Some pics at

Mossley 4 Altrincham 2

Might say more later - but (like Monday) I'm in the progress of drying out both body and gear after another moist day at the mail-face ... and we're on a late late tea tonight ...

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