Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mossley v Airbus UK Broughton

Despite the score (1-4) ... despite the fact I came home believing it was 1-5 (eek !) ... 'twas a very good game.  It was obvious which side was the fitter, more organised etc (well they HAVE been to Latvia and back !!).  Shame that some of the first half was spoilt by a lot of "unnecessaries" - I baulk to point out the number of Liverpool accents in the visitor's team - I was thinking more "Whingemakers" than "Wingmakers".  Fortunately it soon calmed down (!) and we were treated to a very good game of football.  Airbus well worth their win - obviously with the extra games they've played - and the quality of the teams they've met - there was only going to be one winner.  However Mossley gave it their best shot ... and certainly looked very good in places.  Like I said about the Stalybridge/Gateshead game - it's only a friendly ... but it's useful to test yourself against someone better.  Pictures to be found at

Mossley 1 AirbusUKBroughton 4

Tomorrow sees a trip up to Hurst Cross to the annual "Meet the Players" evening - camera in hand to assist the "main man".  Saturday ?? Who knows - I don't - yet ...

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