Friday, December 08, 2006

Bad week for football..weird stuff elsewhere.

Because there's been nowt locally this week - what makes it worse was that "ju-jitsu" taxi service was cancelled - as ju-jitsu was cancelled due to "nativity doings" at the skool venue - so I was available on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week for football.. OK I watched Man City in their entirety on Monday - it was just like watching Mossley (without the defeat) - but other than that I couldn't be bovvered.

However I have kept a diary of trains this week (aargh Aspergers !) - I may note this down at the end of the week - be warned it proves conclusively that the rail system in this country is crap - and NO-ONE CARES... (I warn you - it makes frightening reading up to now).

Ho - hum get happy - in 19 hours time me and middle boy will be having a grand time at the Manchester Academy watching DRAGONFORCE - we need to take the car because - yes - the trains are crap (beer will have to wait)

Manchester 24 hour city ?? Absolute b*ll*x. In fact tonight we had a "bit of a do" after work - I left Cheadle Hulme at 2057 - I got back to Mossley at 2300 - that's big city trains for you....when I got to Manchester Victoria, the station bar was shut (2200) - the place is a shambles, the train service is a shambles - I'll get round to doing my "to/from work" times for my week's travel sometime this weekend - it's awful - and it seems that nobody in authority really cares ... I took photos on Man Vic station tonight - and got accosted by "security" who insisted on seeing my pictures - and telling which ones I had to delete. When I get my head around the whole evening (yes I'm still sober) I'll relay more info...

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