Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday Trains at Mossley

I made it - and so did the train !! Checked on the Internet first - it had left Manchester Victoria on time, so I hot-footed down to Mossley Station, expecting brass bands, local dignitaries, pink ribbons, find just the empty cans and chip wrappers of Saturday night. Bravo Mossley Town Council - it would have been nice to have seen former councillor Geoff Brierley down there (he did a lot of work with Greater Manchester Transport Committee) - but at least he's got an excuse, unlike the rest of that parochial bunch of alleged "do-gooders" whose interest in the big wide world outside of Mossley seems to be sorely lacking.

A little bit of (blurry) history - Sunday 10th Dec 2006 - 0837 - Mossley Station

Anyway rant over - in the end it was just me and Dennis who boarded the 0837 train - and we promptly doubled the number of passengers !! Also noted that - accidentally or not - the unit number was 142 001 ! Four minutes later we arrived in Greenfield - where there was a welcoming committee !! Paula and the rest of the crew from the "Railway", plus snapper Carl and "thespian Dave" (who allegedly caught the last Sunday train out of Greenfield nearly 40 years ago !) - Dave jumped on as we jumped off.

Arrival at Greenfield

We adjourned to the pub for a bacon butty and natter before returning to the station to get the 0930 back to Mossley - there were a few more people around by now, despite the rain - it was a princely one minute late !

Back in Mossley - note the 142 001 unit number..

Grabbed the Sunday papers, and got back home before anyone had got out of bed - and here endeth the "anorak moment" !!!

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