Sunday, December 31, 2006

Stalybridge Celtic v Droylsden

It’s a tricky one tonight/morning – and if the telephone call had gone right at lunchtime this would have said “Frickley Athletic 0 Mossley 4” at the top – but the spare seat was grabbed literally seconds before I rang – so Bower Fold it was…

Bus to ‘Bridge (in order to get a beer at the Buffet – ended up serving my own, cus Jo was very very busy !!). It was spitting when I left Mossley – when I left the Buffet it was bucketing down ! Never mind – quick sneak to Tesco to get money and top up phone before a wet walk up Mottram Road to the Fold – only 5 late – still 0-0 - and I was wet !!

An early "view" on the game..

Stood up the ‘Bridge end for the first half - a very even half it was as well if I may say so – plenty of action at both ends and a large noisy crowd. I felt the officals seemed to be a bit intimidated by “something” – crowd, players shouts, even the weather – they weren’t good. Towards the end of the first half there seemed to be a number of Droylsden players falling over and staying down – and when it came to be “2 minutes added on”, and the Bridge fans (where I was stood) were sloping off for a half-time drink, Jagielka smacked one in for Droylsden to give the first half a slightly lopsided edge.

Stair-rods ......

A half-time “drinkiepoos” in the H&H (plus a txt to find out that Mossley were 3-0 up @ Frickley) helped to restore sanity (in my mind anyway). The second half began with a bang as Droylsden hit the post within 30 seconds – and then they seemed to take control – not too many chances, but comfortable on the ball and seemingly coping better in the conditions – although I must say Neil Prince for ‘Bridge was giving it his best shot too, switching wings and having a go. It just seemed that Droylsden could cope.

Twenty minutes into the second half – penalty to Droylsden – some reckoned “deffo” - myself not so sure (I was down the “right end” to see it – I’m sure the conditions had something to do with it – I’ve seen them given for less – but with the state of the officials today I was a little disappointed in the decision). All you old peeps will remember “Lee One Pen” from days of old – here it’s called “Fearns Pen” – and he did to make it 2-0.

A blurry pen from Fearns...

Having predicted 2-2 on the Droylsden Prediction League, my Bridge hat appeared, had a wander round to the stand passing a very very very very wet Carlf (Droylsden snapper) on the way to try to get a better view on the game. Stalybridge definitely “huffed and puffed” – but just didn’t seem to have that spark that was going to turn it around.

A very very very very wet Carlf

Five minutes from the end – penalty – Bridge – too far away to comment, but Ellington tucked it away to set up a grandstand finish – which didn’t happen in my eyes. Droylsden seemed comfortable throughout the final minutes, and I have to be honest, the pressure was just not there from Bridge.

Towards the end I wandered towards the gate - as did many Bridge fans - and I bumped into Benny Phillips, he of Witton Albion with traces of both Stalybridge and Mossley in his blood (Witton's game off today) - he was sneaking out early to avoid the traffic !!

So 2-1 to Droylsden, helps to cement their position at the top of the Nationwide North. Bridge on the other hand find themselves played two lost two over the Christmas period – there was a distinct lack of front running to me anyway – whereas the Bloods seemed a lot more confident back middle and front. The attendance was 813 - I think - and contrary to poplular belief Droylsden had a good turnout as well..

The Droylsden "Elite 170" - or maybe more..

Wandered back to Stalybridge Station (with MikeB – Droylsden fan) – couple of pints (Millstone “Tiger Rut” and Ossett “Silver King”) before the return to Mossley – to find Mrs Smiffy and daughter in the Britannia – hey ho a couple of pints of Hydes “Jekylls Gold” didn’t go to waste !!

Home to find that the biggest argument of the night was an alleged spitting incident by the Droylsden keeper – in true “Premiership” conditions, something like this always manages to take one’s mind off the actual score – especially when it’s the defeated side who come up with the “goods” - doesn’t work for me though – on the balance of play (if I had the “Optiva” stats !!), it was the right result – although I have to say that it was a game played in sh*tty conditions – OK same both sides – but it might, just might have been a little different if it had been played on a 2 inch blanket of snow with an orange ball..

And Mossley finished up 4-0 winners at Frickley.....................

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