Sunday, December 03, 2006

50 up - then Matlock Town v Mossley

It’s been a busy couple of days – for obvious reasons – much drinking, much eating and 90 minutes of (mostly) misery in between.

Friday was just another day at work – pub at lunchtime to buy the office a beer – home via Stalybridge Buffet for a couple more beers – and out to Fu’s Chinese Restaurant for a family nosh-up Home for more beer, cards and pressies – I’m going to be a steam train driver for the day next year !

Saturday – drive down to Matlock, leap out of the driver’s seat to let Mrs Smiffy continue to Belper. Into “The Crown” where Nosmo (Ilkeston Town) was waiting with the first of several pints of Oakham Brewery “Raucous Reindeer”. Soon joined by one-third of the York Branch (Martin) and the Mossley Booze Bus crew. Headed for Causeway Lane just in time to miss the kick-off (!) We wandered round to the Cricket Ground End and settled down on the railings with feet oozing into the turf – within 90 seconds “security” arrived and we were informed that we couldn’t stand there. FA rules state that it’s unsafe to stand on grass at a football match ! I asked for an immediate abandonment of the game – refused.

"You can't stand here without a yellow jacket !!"

“The Alamo” began after about 15 minutes – a goal-line clearance, a shot off the post and one great save from Danny Trueman to name but three. It was no surprise when Matlock took the lead after 20 minutes through Holmes. Mossley then made a double substitution which seemed to work wonders for the last 10 minutes of the first half – yes we ended up with players playing in the correct positions !!! However it remained 1-0 at half-time.

"Yes we're stuffing Mossley again listeners !"

The team talk obviously worked wonders – for Matlock – and they doubled their advantage 5 minutes into the second half through Bowler. Then Mossley put together a lovely one-touch move ending with Peter Wright smacking it home – a glimmer of hope maybe ?? Fat chance – Matlock got their third after what can only be described as a “catastrophic balls-up” in the Mossley defence leaving Cahill time to wipe his boots, comb his hair, wash the dishes etc etc before tapping in to an empty net. Any confidence Mossley had at this stage – which wasn’t much anyway – promptly evaporated, leaving sub Barraclough to score with his first touch.

Beer, football and Riber Castle.

There was still time for some “handbags” after an awful tackle by Brisco (should have walked), but by then I was watching out of the Social Club window – much warmer and wetter (alcoholically speaking).

"OK everyone - learn the words - Happy Birthday to Smiffy Happy Birthday to You !" - handbags really !

So 4-1 – into the bottom three – and overall we got what we deserved. The wheel nuts are definitely loose now – even the players were arguing amongst themselves. As Colin the Butcher has said elsewhere, it’s took 13 years to get back where we think we belong – it’ll probably take about 12 years less to …..oh …grrrr.

Caught the 1701 train back to Belper with Nosmo (who carried on to Derby for a “meeting” in the “Brunswick” no doubt !) and headed for the “George” to meet friends and family” for another couple of hours of liquid refreshment before crawling up to Mother-in-Laws for a well-earned rest/collapse. Fine this morning though – back to Mossley….and this…

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