Sunday, June 03, 2007

Busy Weekend 1 - Whit Friday

Once upon a time I found it possible to enjoy a Whit Friday from early doors until very very last doors - the thrill of the chase in the morning to find an open pub at 0830 (in the days before all-day opening) - dressing up the kids in their bestest clothes (and if they were lucky people might give them money !). Watching the Churches and some of the bands march through Mossley. Repairing back to the pub for the afternoon, before the band contests started early evening.

While this belief continues for many, for others it's just a glorified p*ss-up involving many who are incapable of holding their drink. In fact a few years ago in Mossley all the pubs closed for a three-hour "cooling off" period in the afternoon.

Now the kids are old enough, I've no real need to take the day off - so this year was, I make it the third time in the 23 years I've lived here that I went to work on Whit Friday.

Went out in the evening mind - a lovely day - so it heading towards the New Bridge Inn (the Bottom Mossley Band Contest venue), before veering off down the canal towpath towards Freizland (not too far, but "over the border" in Oldham !). The trestle-table bar contained three different Millstone Brewery offerings on handpump - can't complain ! We then wandered further up the canal before trying a quick one in the "Railway" @ Greenfield (and checking on the England score !) before going down to the Greenfield Village venue, followed by some Black Sheep Bitter in the "Clarence" and a gentle walk home.

Took some pictures - of course..

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