Thursday, June 07, 2007

Download Beckons !

Hey Ho let’s go !! Off to Castle Donington after work today for a weekend of ear-bashing at Download. The butler and maid were dispatched in the Rolls this morning to erect my marquee and chill the champers (OK son and daughter went down – in our car !! – to put up the tents and organise the 24-packs – I arrive in dirty student style via train and shuttle bus !!).

For me, Friday is probably the best day, with Turbonegro, Dragonforce, Wolfmother and finishing off with Hayseed Dixie. Within Temptation and Iron Maiden (Sunday) and Motley Crue (Saturday) will not be missed either – otherwise I shall spend a while wandering round checking out some - to me anyway - new stuff (Turisas have been recommended and Dimmu Borgir sound “interesting”)

Won’t be taking the “big camera” – apparently it’s against regulations – I really need to wangle some press accreditation from somewhere. So it’s a weekend of Fuji Finepix, for better for worse.

So – nowt till Monday – take the weekend off !!

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