Sunday, June 03, 2007

Busy Weekend 3 - Long Sunday Walk

Out of front door - turn left - to Scout Green - over to Heyheads - through to Buckton Vale/Castle Clough - onto Roman Road - over to Dove Stone Reservoir (tea/pop/ice cream stop) - across dam - through Binn Green Car Park - over to "Pots'n'Pans" monument - along the ridge - down to the "Church" at Uppermill (beer stop -whoo-hoo !) - down onto bridle path through Uppermill - arrived Greenfield - onto canal towpath - back to Mossley. Mileage - haven't a clue (couldn't be *rsed with GPS !). Got home just before the rain - took a few - nowt special mind so ...try to imagine the whole thing - oh go on then ..
Looking back towards Mossley on the Roman Road....
Boaty things on Dove Stone Reservoir..
Planty things outside the "Church" @ Uppermill...

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