Monday, June 11, 2007

Download 2007 - the Review - for starters anyway..

It’s short and it’s sweet – but it comes out before Kerrang ! This is what I saw/heard/missed …


Turbonegro – didn’t quite make it to see them following a slight problem with the breakfast/lunch menu (that’s the first and last time I try AfterShock – drugged by my son’s mates – dreadful !).

Dragonforce – One of my highlights – completely ruined by godawful sound. I tried all sorts of postions in relation to the stage – but it just didn’t happen – was extremely hacked off.

Wolfmother – on straight after Dragonforce – and the sound was perfect ! Excellent set as well – tight and efficient (their Manchester Apollo gig this year stood out for me and daughter as well).

Velvet Revolver – Very very good indeed – stuff from new album “Libertad” went down well. (COVER WARNING – “Psycho Killer” – Talking Heads).

Hayseed Dixie – Sorry My Chem fans, you’ll have to look elsewhere for a review (believe they
were bottled, but played through it - big up to them) – I went for a hoe-down instead and had a grand time. (COVER WARNING – Lots actually !!!)


Turisas – Marvellous marvellous – worth getting up early for – the instigators of “Battle Metal” – or so they told us (COVER WARNING – “Rasputin” – Boney M).

HELLYEAH – Hell no !!

Shadows Fall – they’re on the list – but nothing stood out really.

Only heard from afar – Bowling for Soup (COVER WARNING – “I Wanna be Sedated” – Ramones).

Machine Head – sorry guys, left me completely cold – what’s with this “shouty voice” stuff ?

Slayer – Once you get used to the strange time signatures ….. and not as “shouty” as Machine Head either.

Lez Zeppelin – Very good – very faithful to the “real thing” (COVER WARNING – All of ‘em!!).

Marilyn Manson – Enjoyed it very much – once you get behind the posturing/make-up etc – you find some good heavy music.

Motley Crue – A right shambolic set - some good bits, some awful bits – guess that’s exactly what I should have expected….

Linkin Park - Caught the last couple of tracks – sounded OK.


LostAlone – The local band (from Derby anyways) – destined for bigger and better things.

Papa Roach – Another pleasant surprise – good set – they still have something to offer rock’n’roll.

Devil Driver – Good musically – but oh that “shouty voice”.

Lamb of God – Good musically – but again that “shouty voice” - why ?? Best remembered - by me - for the Spitfire/Hurricane flypast during their set !

Stone Sour – Pleasantly surprised here – a very good set with better-balanced vocal than I was expecting – i.e not too much of a “shouty voice” ! (believe they covered a Slipknot song – but that’s allowed !). They had a flock of geese soaring gracefully across the top of the stage during their set.

Within Temptation – Some problems (sound ? gear ?) meant a much-reduced set (probably not even 20 minutes) – but a great 20 minutes – sat behind the desk – couldn’t see a thing – but the sound was awesome.

Dimmu Borgir – Another find for me – very black, very heavy, very good – to be looked into ….

Dream Theater – Strange brew here - mostly heavy then throwing the odd jazz piano – jury still out !

Iron Maiden – Wallowed a bit (nostalgia trip ??) but hey – did what they do best – and did it well

Top 3 Bands of the Weekend ?? Wolfmother, Velvet Revolver Turisas – there were plenty of equal fourths though !!

As with most festivals – for me anyway – Scandinavia always seems to help to save the day/weekend – over the years we’ve had Turbonegro @ Leeds, Soundtrack of our Lives @ Leeds, Hives @ Leeds. This year two of ‘em.

My problem this year (and the last few years @ Download and Leeds) is the “shouty voice” – there’s some great musicians out there, but for me, it’s ruined by this style of singing voice – the only one’s that can do it properly are the Scandinavians !! A Yank or a Limey – just not right – and I’m sure it’s not only me who thinks that this type of voice detracts from the music. Ozzy never needed it – Zippy from Dragonforce doesn’t need it (he just needs a decent sound engineer/sound system !!). It’s not nice – it’s not big – and it’s not clever. For me it’s good bands out there needing decent vocalists.

Photos to follow (remember tis only Baby Camera - I'm a law-abiding citizen !!) at:

Really hacks me off though - I've no intention of making any money out of pix - pix for the people and all that stuff - I certainly missed the "EOS beast" over the weekend...


Anonymous said...

Nosmo here glad you enjoyed download my daughter and partner went for the duration they had a great time. I watched most of it on the live webcast. off to dublin in 11 hours for 3 days its the first time in a plane for 38 years .see you soon nosmo

ilson_stato said...

nice review of download mr smiffy.

gutted I couldnt get a ticket, wanted to see Velvet Revolver and (sorry for this ) MCR. oh well, always next year