Friday, June 22, 2007

The Full "New Mossley Manager Binge"

Wide awake now !! Could put them on photobucket - but sod it - here's the pix you won't see in the "Tameside Reporter" or the "Oldham Chronicle"...

Better than the one I put on last night !!

New Boss with "new board" - I bet they all use Daz for those "difficult stains" !!
"Posy pic" number 1 - Gerry Quinn or Bobby Robson ?
"Posy Pic" number 2 - "My first wage slip"
"Posy Pic" number 3 - "Did I really sign that ??"
All comments totally tongue in cheek of course - last night there was a real buzz at the Quiz Night - it all bodes well for the new season - comfort and confidence off the pitch can only help to inspire on the pitch !!

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