Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Football - it's coming ..... you'll soon be free of such mundane stuff as Download, Somerfield Lorries, Whit Friday, Huddersfield Canal and the overpopulation of Mossley !!

Bobbed up to Seel Park last night to "do a bit" - a brush, a can of masonry paint and a song in my heart ("Whiter Shade of Fence Panel" ??). However masonry paint is not altogether non-drip is it....

(I'm sure it'll wash out of the grass !)

The friendlies are kicking in too - tomorrow night Stalybridge are at Radcliffe Borough (I offer my apologies for absence - we're away this weekend, so prep to be done - which also means I'll miss the visit of Sven's boys to Bower Fold on Saturday - see attached pic of Stalybridge Buffet Bar door - I guess "Turnstile Bob" has sneaked in with the flyers !)...think I might make the game underneath mind ...

PS got called "an irritant" on Stalybridge board today by some geezer from Canada ("Long Time Gone") - apparently you're not allowed to post on Celtic Board if you don't support Celtic - why this guy isn't "giving it some" on the Toronto Blue Jays message board - I've no idea - you don't catch me on the Stafford Rangers Message Board under the name of "Long Time Gone" - well not much (three or four posts a year ??)

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Simple Pieman said...

Just had a look at the Stalybridge board. I think Long Time gone will think longer before having a pop next time Smiffy.

I also agree with the comment about your Somerfield lorry post and shared it with colleagues at work - nice one!