Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter - New Film,,,

Putting that in the title might guarantee a few hits tomorrow - hee hee !!!

But that was tonight - the "family trip" to see the new HP film (that's family without our Michelle who's living it up in the campsite toilets of the North Vendee - and she wants me to post the new HP book to France as well !!). This naturally meant missing the Mossley Quiz Night - hope Dydo's "bell ringers" did the business ....

The film - well it's a huge book, page-wise so yes it's going to miss stuff out - and yes it was a bit "sporadic" (trying to work out analogies here - a scratched 12" record jumping - a jam-covered DVD when you miss out chapters etc etc)

But overall ...a good film - maybe the politics of the book were slightly glossed over (although Imelda Staunton as Umbridge came over really well !) - at least the overlong (in book) "punch up/wand up/big fight" at the end was mercifully condensed - although Sirius still "cops it" - (hope that's not ruined it for anyone !!).

Tis always a tricky one - I've read all the Potter books for my sins (work it out though - the early books were read as bedtime stories to my then little kiddies !) so I can moan about bits missed out (in this film - no Quidditch !!). However I loved the "Lord of the Rings" films whereas Mrs Smiffy (who read Tolkien at age 11 !!!) moaned about "bits missed out" !!

So - what goes around comes around.....tomorrow (OK tonight) - meal @ mates in Levenshulme with an overnight stay - Saturday - gotta be football, although choices up to now are Curzon Ashton (v Man City Reserves/Youth) or Ashton United (v Droylsden). Staveley v Stalybridge would have been nice, but it's been called off (the reason given is "flood damage" although I reckon Celtic are actually saving themselves for the big one next Tuesday at home to Mossley - we've got the Frank Robinson Trophy - we want to keep it)

Addition @ 0045 - Clitheroe might be a good option on Saturday - get to see Hyde United - and pay my debts to Royf and the guys from Clitheroe - this is slightly long-standing - and a touch embarrassing (!), so I'll look towards their "buy a brick" thing or whatever's on at the moment (putting it bluntly - I owe Clitheroe FC £20 !!) - I'll buy a few pints as well mind !!

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