Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"In-Between Times"

You eat good food, you drink good (and ropey) beer, you play with new toys (laptop, USB turntable - whoo hoo !!) - and we go out walking too !

The Huddersfield Canal - near Scout Green ...

Shadow Play - Me and Mrs Smiffy further up the canal near Roaches Lock ...

Looking South-West towards Mossley from up Grotton way (St John's Churchspire is dead centre) - hills everywhere - truly a great place to live if you love walking (you can click on this one for a bigger pic - I hope !) ...

Football on New Years Day - the weather forecast "oop here" is ... GRIM. I've already seen a msg from someone who lives overlooking Seel Park asking about films on NYD - now there's confidence (boo hoo). Up at Bower Fold, they've managed to "rally the troops" and get the entire pitch covered with frost covers in attempt to keep the NYD "return leg" against Hyde United in with a chance. Other than these two games ... you'll need to travel a bit as Droylsden are away at Vauxhall Motors, Ashton United are at Witton Albion and there are no games in the North-West Counties (sorry Vodkat) League.

So - subject to appeal - Droylsden are out of the FA Cup - this has led to much gloating, hilarity and general unnecessary "behaviour" in 'message board land'. I'd agree that DP certainly brings a lot of it upon himself (although being "outspoken" is hardly a crime ... is it eh Fergie, Arsene etc etc etc ?) - but it's a helluva kick in the teeth for the Droylsden faithful. There's been too much use of the word "cheating" from all sides (including Droylsden it has to be said) - as I see it - it gets foggy now and again - have you never seen fog on a football pitch before ? - have you ever woken up late because the electricity went off in the middle of the night and buggered your alarm clock ? The two controversial goals (Lester and Halford) cancelled each other out - that's three of the games "done and dusted" - which just leaves the monumental "off the pitch" blunder which led to the expulsion. I'm a touch disappointed in the FA decision to award ALL the prize money to Chesterfield - they've won "off the pitch" as it were ... maybe the appeal might get something here ... but even the most eternal optimist could never have imagined the FA NOT expelling the Bloods. In the (alleged) words of Mahatma Ghandi, "Sh*t happens ... life goes on".

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Chris said...

Hi, Mike,
Hope you had a great Xmas and just to wish you all the best for the New Year. I see Mossley are off tomorrow, can't believe our game at Harrogate will be on as it is about minus 10 here with the same forecast for tomorrow!
Catch up with you at the Buffet Bar soon!